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Oxford Company, Jeffrey Hansler keynote speaker, trainer, author, employee and management training and development


"Wow --what a dynamic speaker you are. The energy level in the room was as high as the 30-foot ceiling and the way you involved the audience was terrific. You were just what the Dr. ordered Jeffrey in these incredibly difficult and changing times in the travel industry." - Susan Osthoff, Sales Manager, Continental Airlines

"The Negotiating Sales Training classes you conducted for our group sales agents in April were extremely successful. Our agents raved about the classes and felt they came away with some tools to help them do their job. Your enthusiasm and stroy telling made the classes meaningful to everyone who attended." - Lane C. Kemper, Manager, Reservations Sales Programs, Alaska Airlines


"Your involvement with the audience really held their attention. Your energy and passion for what for what you do is so evident while you are on stage, and even off. As a meeting planner, it is always a guess, and educated one, but still a guess, as to how a speaker will be received. Thank you so much for making me look so good to my group." - Cindi Williams, Events Director, Western Home Furnishings Association

"I would like to thank you for helping to make our Winter Management Conference a success. You certainly know how to get an audience's attention and keep it. The time and effort you put in prior to make sure your presentation was 'on target' certainly produced solid results." - Carol Crossland, TCIA, Director, Meetings & Expositions, Tree Care Industry Association

"Your program was a stupendous success. You were a big hit and I would like to have you back again next year. The topic has endless possibilities and there is always more to learn. Thanks for doing a tremendous job for our annual convention." - Nancy Lawler, CMP, Director of Meetings and Conventions, Society of American Florists

"Thank you for conducting a seminar at our 25th World Conference in New Orleans. This year they rated all seminars on a 5 point scale. Your rating was 4.57 for quality and 4.64 for importance. Again, thank you for your support and help in making this one the most successful conferences for AFSMI."- Joseph Trpik, Executive Vice President, Association For Services Management International

"On behalf of the Association of Professional Consultants, thank you for a high-value presentation on 'Negotiating Skills for Consultants'. With a wide range of experience among our members and guests, you had something to consider for everyone from 'starting out to well-established' It was on target, practical and immediately useful. I know you could tell from the audience reaction that you were well received. You clearly captured the audience interest." - John Wallingford, Program Chair, Association of Professional Consultants

"Thank you for your spectacular presentations at our recent Summer Sales Camp program in Chicago! Our attendees were inspired, educated, and entertained. Their evaluation forms were filled with positive feedback and praise for the programming topics, presenter performance, and value provided in relating the information to their daily responsibilities 'on the job'. Your participation was a valuable contribution in making Summer Sales Camp a success." Tina Brown, Director of Education & Meetings, Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association


"You handled a tough crowd in a tough market better than anyone I've seen, and I have seen the best. It does not matter that you have never sold cars. You understand salespeople and the task they face. You teach a way to find customer's needs through complete communication, not just words. Our sales staff is a crew made up of car salespeople that have been with some of the most successful dealerships in Orange County. They were very impressed, and it was great having your workshop before a big sales weekend rollout." - Bill Pryor, General Manager, Norm Reeves Acura Superstore


"You really did an incredible job the other day when I booked you for the Business Think Tank in Los Angeles. Almost all of the attendees came up to me after the event pouring out their compliments about the amount of take-home information you had given them and how they would be able to use it in their business lives and personal lives. I hear lots of speakers on a regular basis and know few who have comparable interaction with their groups and take-home value for the attendees. For those who cannot hear you in person, reading your book will at least give them a small part of you to carry with them until they are able to attend a presentation!" Susie DeWeese, President, Speakers Corner Bureau

Food Service

"I have heard many positive comments on the valuable tools you shared with our group. We are discovering, understanding, and applying those tools in many significant ways... in our emails, meetings, and overall communications both internal and external to our department. The difference is simply powerful!!! We are more cohesive... we are more open... we are more understanding... and we are reaching consensus through healthy negotiation. We can only grow stronger as we continue to use the tools you have provided. Thank you for sharing your mastery in the areas of communications and negotiations." - Kim Callis, Systems Integrator, Corporate Health, Safety & Environment, General Mills, Inc.


"With the information, strategy, and presentation outline that you gave us we were able to separate ourselves from the competition and come to an agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police and thus securing a projected impact of 4.2 million dollars for our city! I certainly benefitted from your guidance and I truly thank you. We look forward to a continued relationship with you and Oxford Company!" - Karen Strgacich, Director of National Sales, Long Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau


"The eight programs you conducted for our Association were extremely well received. People specifically commented on your enthusiasm, knowledge of the subject, ability to keep the group moving forward, and ability to cope with various levels of expertise." - John Hope, Vice President, Communications Services, The Hospital Association of Pennsylvania click here >>

"You were able to make these clinicians comfortable with their marketing responsibilities in a way they never have before. It is gratifying to see them communicate with new skill, insight and confidence. With your help, we have gone a long way toward developing a top-notch team of communicators who can do both. I appreciated the time you took to research our operation and customize your presentation for our needs." - Diana Eastman, Director Public Relations, John Douglas French Center for Alzheimer's Disease

"This has been one of the most valuable workshops I've attended in the last year. Your desire to learn about our industry prior to the workshop was refreshing. You showed a true interest in our organization and the workshop participants. Thank you again for your presentation to our group!" - Justin Hinker, President-Elect, ACHCA - South Dakota Chapter

"Your communication was superb and you provided the participants a humorous look at the importance of leadership." - Katie Paulson, Training Specialist, Professional Development Center, PPQ, United States Department of Agriculture


"Jeffrey - thanks again for a very useful class. Copies of student evaluations are enclosed. As you will note scores were in the 4 and 5 range - a 5 is the highest possible score." - Dennis Spillane, CSP, Senior Safety and Health Consultant, State Compensation Insurance Fund

"He researched our company culture prior to addressing these diverse audiences, which enabled them to welcome Jeffrey as one of their colleagues. His sales training was a combination of easy to understand, practical and clever sales techniques. Our sales team left the training motivated and anxious to apply what they had learned to help cinch their next sale." - Laurie L. Coffey, Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Association Relations, Hortica Insurance

"I would like to express our pleasure and sincerest gratitude in working with you in developing an interactive, high energy training program. Clearly the material you presented and the overall impact you were able to generate were major factors in the success of the program." - Lynn LeBlanc, Process Lead, Aetna U.S. Healthcare


"Your seminars, provided extremely useful information that I could immediately use, not only in sales presentations, but in my personal life as well. In addition, what set your program apart from all of the others was that you took the time to meet with various members ofour management and sales team, and adapted your program to meet our specific needs. Since attending your seminars, I have seen a vast improvement in the overall performance of the Vans sales team." - Les Draper, Director of Sales, Western Region, Vans Inc.

"Jeffrey's light and entertaining presentation syle makes the three-hour seminar, even in lovely Hawaii, fly by. However, he is more than entertaining, his seminar packs some real take home, practical 'to do's'. I gained an awareness of the power of maintaining positive, open communication by the simple use of 'and' instead of 'but' in conversations. That one take away was worth the money!" - Kathleen Patterson, President, Central Valley Builders Supply

Moving and Relocation

"The reviews are in and it appears we hit a home run. The feedback we received on our post conference surveys indicated that everyone enjoyed your presentation. You helped make this coference one of the best ever!" - Sandra L. Lane, Communications Specialist, Allied Van Lines, Inc.


"I just wanted to write a note to tell how much we appreciate your inservice motivational training for our telemarketing department. I have heard very positive feedback from our management staff who have brought up the 'RADAR' approach in the daily sales meetings since your visit." - John MacElwee, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Pacific Symphony Orchestra

"From the remarks of the trainees your participation was key to the success of our first pilot program. The knowledge gained will serve the trainees well in the coming years." - Sef Torres, Work Force Programs Representative, AARP

"Judging from the conference evaluations, nearly every registrant walked away from your workshop greatly impressed. We thank you once again for your stellar effort and hope to see you in the future." - Rick Smith, National Executive Director, Support Center for Nonprofit Management

"The ratings overall again were 'outstanding.' Thank you again. I think you get the idea that the participants really enjoyed the day. We look forward to having you as a presenter again in the future." - Jeanette Woller, Operations Coordinator, Nonprofit Resource Center

Pharmaceutical and Scientific Research

"You were one of the five best instructors I've had for any course anywhere - and you needed to be to get me through a two-day course with my sanity intact!"

- Lisa Nelson, Office Manager, QuantiSci

Real Estate - Property Management

"As a 13 year sales veteran and graduate of a number of well known sales trainings that emphasize 'techniques', I especially benefitted from your approach to sales as a 'process'. I was impressed by your open and honest responses to the questions and objections raised throughout the day. Rather than a slick, practiced comeback your answers demonstrated both personal courage and integrity." - Douglas Garrett, Partner, Lee & Associates


"So many changes are occurring in our industry it's hard to keep up. The competition in the watch industry has grown immensely. We work very hard at providing the tools to our retailers to continually present Gucci Timepieces in the finest manner. You presented us with priceless information and skills to remain an industry leader." - Patricia Suprano, Account Manager, Gucci Timepieces


"I have been through many sales courses - from 3M to Zigglar to Hopkins to Dale Carnegie, and I must say that your information was fresh, useful and on point. Your approach focused much more on understanding the customer - and ultimately finding the win-win solution that benefits both of you, than most methods. I think this is advanced sales." - Scott E. Lamb, NBTA, National Director of Sales, Prime Hospitality, LLC, Global Business Travel Association

"I would like to thank you for your awesome contribution in making our meeting such a great success. Without exception, everyone really enjoyed the meeting and workshop and the quality of your presentation." - Vikki Siemen, CCTE, President, Georgia Business Travel Association

"The sessions Jeffrey organized and presented addressed key issues meeting professionals are struggling with in the current business climate: finding ways to negotiate more effectively and solving real service issues with staff and key suppliers. Jeffrey's insightful, interactive style, coupled with his enthusiasm and humour, made each session a success." - Matt Nicholls, Director of Content, M&IT Magazine, Canadian Meeting & Travel Group

"Your program on Influencing, Negotiation and Persuasion was outstanding! As you know, quality education is a key component of our mission to meet and exceed our member's need. Our group of corporate travel professionals is a difficult group to impress, but you did just that...and then some! Your program was one of the highest rated sessions at our Fall Education Conference and we look forward to working with you again." - Lynelle Lahey, Education Committee Chairperson, Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association


"Thank you for the highly successful training sessions. I am extremely pleased with the results. The sessions have been lively, informative, and on target. The first three-day session delivered increased sales in the very next month as a result of the team applying their new skills. Thank you for delivering what you promised:  a results-driven sales increasing process that will increase our profits." - Dale Tatum, Manager of Inside Sales, NetSoft


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