The key to being successful in our business is working to understand our client's business, and then applying our knowledge to assist them in attaining their objectives. At Oxford Company, our clients appreciate our commitment to providing service that's personalized, responsive, and more importantly - effective.

Oxford Company specializes in organization change as it relates to increasing sales, market share, and market influence. Read about our special project with the United Association, a construction union. click here>>

Oxford Company's client list includes AT&T, Bertelsmann, Lexus, General Mills, PacifiCare, Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, Agfa Bayer, Perkin-Elmer, ThyssenKrupp, Vans, Itochu, Allied Van Lines, Nokia, and Disney.

Managed Organizational Change

The trigger for organizational change is exposure of the organization to strongly discomforting market conditions: major changes have to be made if the organization is to survive and continue to be successful.

Key to successful change is creating as safe an environment as possible for everyone involved. A safe environment provides fertile ground for learning, application, and adjustment.

Working throughout an organization, Oxford Company links organizational change to the existing cultural assumptions and themes.  Effective organizations need to be able to evolve their practices around a small number of their high-level core values that do not change.  Normally change leaders emerge or are appointed, and change teams are formed to personalize the changes required and extend them throughout the organization. Oxford Company consultants are experts at this process.

As the process progresses, a core change team must be developed which can decide how the culture can aid the change process, as well as how to change the business practices that are seen to be dysfunctional.  Actions are then to be planned in terms of the specific elements of the culture or business practices as they are identified.

The change team should have the following characteristics:

  • Credibility, what they say must be believed and not be discredited.

  • Clarity of vision, whatever they say must be clear and make sense.

  • Ability to articulate the vision, they must be able to verbally and in writing state what they perceive and what the implications mean for the future of the organization.


As part of this process, the Oxford Company incorporates the following as applicable to to achieve the desired results by:


  • Training that is objective oriented, and laced with various models, methods and tools that can be added to the skills already mastered by attendees.

  • Coaching, consulting and facilitating, also objective oriented, and directed at specific issues that executives and managers face in the reality of their organizational environment. Consulting and coaching is directly focused on issues in the specific areas of the organization.


Performance Evaluation

Individuals and relationships within an organization are dynamic. Circumstances can dramatically impact performance levels and knowing the key adjustments to make can result in greater sales and efficiencies.

New Product Introduction

Time is the critical element in new product introductions and the focus is to reduce the cycle time of the sales process. New products and services create new customer discussions which can quickly erode a salesperson's sales statistics with a trial and error approach. Additionally, sales can accomplish results more effectively than most marketing campaigns, as well as, adding the personal touch to the process necessary to establish and retain the competitive edge.


A new pair of eyes is critical in preparing fully for a forth coming negotiation. It's strictly a matter of reducing risk for an impending milestone event .

Market Shift Sales

Profits are determined by efficiencies. When a market shifts, communication patterns shift and too often sales staff stays stuck in old patterns. Again, an outside viewpoint can key on the changes necessary to re-connect to customers during market shifts with new patterns.

Implement Sales Process

A strategy is critical to the sales process. Individuals must carry out the strategy and managers must be able to read and communicate progress along the way. The key to success during the implementation process is application of a model that can be used for planning, selling, and evaluation and is built on measurable elements.

Customer Service

Customer service is an active process. If you had the resources to make everyone happy, you wouldn't need customer service. This application is about the communication skills to make someone happy even when you must say NO!

Sales Development

Revenue is the life blood of an organization and a cohesive organization with engaged staff with measurable targets, knowledgable leaders with effective plans, informed board members supporting the process, and an organizational structure from finance to operations best serves revenue flow. Oxford Company specializes in creating cohesive organizations that serve their customers, revenue generation. and profitability.

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