Key Individuals

Jeffrey Hansler, CSP: Managing Partner

Beginning in 1980 with Apple Computer, where he was one of the top sales representatives, Jeffrey has lead multiple companies to double and triple digit growth as a senior executive. In 2008, he and Dr. Jim Dowd teamed up for an organizational change and business development projects with United Associates, a trade union. The project initiated critical culture change within the Pipetrade organization, leading the industry in identifying actions to better serve members and contractors. The project secured half a dozen projects adding hundreds of thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars for the trades. Jeffrey earned his psychology degree from UC Irvine. He continues to offer services as a talent development specialist, professional trainer, and speaker.

James J. Dowd, Ph.D.: Partner

James Dowd, Ph.D. is a master at guiding organizational change and development, executive coaching and leadership competencies, and team-building at senior management levels. James J. Dowd is Senior Fellow within Executive Education at Harvard Business School, and for five years he was a member of IMD’s Management Committee with responsibility for the portfolio of custom-designed partnership programs. He has designed and directed programs addressing the behavioral implications of major strategic and cultural change programs. He is the author of several case studies and co-authored the 1993 book Vision, Values and Courage: Leadership for Quality Management, with Neil H. Snyder and Dianne Morse Houghton.

Desa Pusic: Director of Business Development

Desa Pusic earned her degree from Pepperdine University in Marketing and Communications. Her career began with Gannett, where she was quickly promoted to Western Region Marketing Manager. She moved to American Media Network in 1990 as Director of Marketing, Western Region, until the family construction business required her talents. In 2004, she became a Private Risk Management consultant at SullivanCurtisMonroe. She joined Oxford Company Consultants in 2011.

Don McGray

Don McGray serves as executive financial management in banking and corporate security. His His proven leadership qualities and the ability to work with people from varying backgrounds bring a host of critical skills to projects. Don served with Aramco Services for 16 years in the United States and Saudi Arabia, US Air Force Reserves for 9 years, and commander in Texas Air National Guard for 4 years. He holds a bachelor of Business Administration and Finance from the University of Houston.