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What does Peter Jackson bring to the table?

Mr. Jackson has extensive expertise in building the administrative and organizational Oxford Company - Peter Jackson Consultant to Managementinfrastructure necessary to support decision making in complex and rapidly changing environments.  His background includes over thirty five years of managing and advising technology companies regarding leadership, management, management information systems, organization and organization development, as well as employee ownership.  He has led the integration of several organization development projects with the planning/budgeting process.

Most recently, Mr. Jackson was engaged by a government contractor to review their accounting system and recommend necessary changes and improvements to make the system Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) compliant as well as write their initial CAS Statement. 

His prior role was as the Chief Financial Officer of Bio Renewable Projects, LLC, a early stage renewable energy project developer for utility scale energy projects. 

He was previously the CFO of HRG/Ki, an organization developed to find and fund superior long term investments.  Prior to HRG/Ki, he was the CFO of SuperLab, a San Diego business laboratory specializing in the assessment of entrepreneurial companies’ strategic and business plans where he participated in the beta process of SuperLab’s analytical products. 

Previously, Mr. Jackson was the Chief Financial Officer, and SVP, Finance for Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc., a growing government contractor specializing in U.S. Navy dock-side” engineering and maintenance support as well as Homeland Security engineering.

Prior to Epsilon, Mr. Jackson was CFO, Vice President with MAXIM Systems, Inc., a government contractor which provided MLS secure computer system solutions to the  intelligence community, as well as engineering support to SPAWAR and other government agencies, prime contractors and commercial organizations.  Mr. Jackson was responsible for finance, accounting, financial and project control, contracts, corporate policies and procedures, accounting policies and procedures, design of employee ownership programs, shareholder accounting, HR, and facilities. He was responsible for the selection, design, installation and modification of Deltek’s Costpoint, a sophisticated accounting software system designed for project management within organizations who sell products and services into the U.S. Government market.  During the four years he was associated with MAXIM, the company grew from $7.5 million to $46 million in annual revenues.

Mr. Jackson was also a member of the Board of Directors during the first four years of MAXIM’s existence, including its formation and the purchase of the San Diego Operations from MAXIM’s mother company.  As a founding Board Member, he became very familiar with the California Corporation Code, as well as current corporate governance issues.

Mr. Jackson has been a management consultant for over 20 years specializing in internal financial control, job cost accounting systems, executive and management development, and organizational analysis and organization development. He has consulted with more than 100 companies, most of which were technology based organizations.  He has consulted with, been an investor in, or served on the Board of Directors in more than 40 start-up companies.

Prior to his consulting activities, he was with Science Applications, Inc. (now known as SAIC), for the first ten years of that organization’s existence and growth to $200 million in annual revenues where he held various positions from Business Manager to the Corporate Vice President Corporate Development, Planning and Staff and Organization Development.   SAIC currently has 46,000 employees and annual revenues in excess of $8 billion.

Prior to SAIC, Mr. Jackson held finance and accounting positions with Gulf General Atomics, and the Fotomat Corporation.


BA (Major Economics, Minor Finance), San Diego State University

Graduate work, (ABT for Masters in Economics), San Diego State University

Development and execution of SAIC’s project management training and Executive and Management Development Programs.

Numerous training events including Government Contracts, Management, Project Management, Leadership, Organization Development and Communication.

Organizational Development

Organization Development (OD) is defined as the application of the behavioral sciences to organizations.

In general, the use or implementation of OD is as follows:

A.  The first task of any OD effort is the determination of the current organization status as seen by management and employees.  

1.)  Often times, this initial step is done with a survey questionnaire to obtain a first look at the status of the organization as seen by employees.

2.)  For superior results, personal interviews of the senior management and some diagonal slice of other personnel in the organization adds depth, breadth and a richness to understanding the organization’s current status.

3.)  In addition, the questionnaire/interview process can also be done with customers/clients/Board of Directors/stakeholders for a broader understanding

B.  A review of the data gathered from the questionnaire and interviews with executive management leads to the determination of what is important and where executive management wants to go. 

1.) This discussion would lead to the development of a plan to obtain management's goals and objectives in a timely and thorough manner while considering the current state of the organization.

2.)There would be a definition of OD "tools" suggested, their relevance to actions and results desired, their recommended use, timing and pace, as well as the definition and development of measurements to determine results. 

3.) There would be an emphasis on frequent updates with organization management to ensure timely adjustments and corrections based on results as they occur, or don't occur.

Peter Jackson has led and been involved in the process of integrating Organization Development in conjunction with the planning process in a number on organizations, including Science Applications Inc. (now known and SAIC, a $9+ Billion company), The Titan Company (sold to L3 Communications at ~ $2.0 Billion in annual revenue at time of sale), Business Solutions Group (BSG, sold in a roll-up at ~$50 Million in annual revenue at time of sale), MAXIM Systems, Inc., (sold to Accenture National Security Services LLC at ~$30 Million in annual revenue at time of sale), and Systems Development Corporation (SDC, sold to Titan Corporation at ~$20 million at time of sale).

The Oxford Company and Peter Jackson provide the most deliberate and active-driven programs needed by the organizations of tomorrow.

“The moon and tides have phases, as do the financial positions of growing organizations. Leadership planning for these phases creates an environment of relative predictability which serves everyone engaged with the organization.”

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